Know Why HEPA Air Cleaners Are Better For Your Home Or Office

hepa air cleaners

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air which is a type of air purifier that functions more efficiently compared with a regular air filter. HEPA air cleaners are devices used from cleaning the surrounding air by employing a set of HEPA filters to do the contaminant filtering process. This means that HEPA air cleaners are more efficient that regular air cleaners as they make use of a system that can remove contaminants as small as 0.3 microns at a success percentage of 99.97%.

HEPA air cleaners can remove solid air particulates such as dust, molds, and pollens. It is also a perfect device for animal-lovers because it can remove animal dander suspended in the air which can cause allergies to some people. Most HEPA air cleaners can also remove harmful gases suspended in the air like carbon monoxide and radon. Others can even remove foul odor in the surrounding air. Oftentimes, an air cleaner can only service a single location, specifically a room, at a time. Therefore, if you have one installed in your bedroom, it can only clean the air in that room and not in any other room. You might need to move the HEPA air cleaner if you need to service other rooms as well. A resolution for this is to embed the HEPA air cleaner in the air system of the house. It can become a built-in air cleaner that is easy to manage for the entire home.

Added Features of HEPA Air Cleaners

There are new HEPA air cleaners available that use special technologies like ultraviolet radiation for more effective air cleaning. UV air cleaners and UV air purifiers can eliminate viruses and bacteria which can cause serious illnesses when inhaled. This provides you better protection with cleaner and healthier air. Before air can enter your home, a HEPA air cleaner will ensure that it is safe for you to inhale. With a continuous air stream, air cleaners can work better in providing you with clean air that is free from all allergens and certain kinds of disease-causing contaminants. HEPA air cleaners does not only clean the air, it also kills the germs that you might catch through thus, providing you with more safety inside your home.