Understand How Filterless Air Purifier Works

filterless air purifier

In the air purification machines market there various forms of machines and the variety is meant to make sure that the diverse needs as well as pockets of buyers are catered to. In this regard there are some air purification systems that constitute air filters. A filterless air purifier is something like a sieve that collects and gathers the harmful elements that can be found in household air such as pet and human hair, dust particles, chemical molecules, etc. The downside to the use of filters is that filterless air purifiers always filter less the desired rate and levels of filtering that would result in a healthy atmospheric environment.

Filterless air purifiers are air purifiers build on unique technology that does not constitute the use of filters. In the category of filterless air purifier you will get the kind of air purifiers that do not need any forms of filter replacements right through their functionality span. What transpires with these systems is that the machines will electrically charge airborne pollutants so as to gather them on an oppositely charged plate. In filter based technologies this is where you would then use filters to get rid of the pollutants but in these designs the dirt gathers on the plates inside the air purifier and the great part of the dirt is deposited on the dirt accumulation plates or the grids.The filth collectors have to be washed to avoid a scenario where-in the unclean air circulated unrefined. 

The downside to this kind of filterless air purification technology is that there collectors can gather quite great filth especially form activities such as frying and smoking. These can be very difficult to get rid off and will resultantly reduce the efficiency of a filterless air purifier. The build up of this layer will lead to the bypassing of unclean air. The other dynamic here is that particles may stick within the parts of the system only to blow off when the machine is powered on. What happens therefore with much filterless air purifiers is that they end up functioning as filter themselves. What you would also need to know is that the electrostatic filtering possesses has no capacity to get rid off chemicals or odors.

Other air purification technologies make use of Ozone to achieve this. This has been the chief reason as to why many manufacturers keep sticking to the ozone alternative despite the campaigns against the use of Ozone. The other downside to the use of the filterless air purifiers is that the ionizing wires as well as the brushes do wear off and slush. This means that a filterless air purifier will need consistent maintenance.