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All-Cotton Pillow Encasings


All-Cotton pillow encasings eliminate exposure to dust mites and bed bugs with tightly woven 100% cotton with a mean pore size of  just 2.6 microns. 100% pure cotton does not store or radiate heat and hence keeping the encasing cool to sleep on. Every encasing is hand inspected to ensure quality. Made in USA. 

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All-Cotton is not waterproof as such encasings are warm to sleep on when air and moisture cannot pass through.  All-Cotton has no membrane or latex. After several washes, the membrane peeled off which defeats the anti allergen function. All Cotton is tightly woven to trap dust mites, cat allergens and bed bugs.  All-Cotton zips up your pillow completely to provide total protection. All-Cotton is sewn with 100% cotton which is very strong as compared to non woven fabric that feels like paper and tears easily. It is not advisable to hot water wash non woven encasing as it might not be able to withstand the heat.  All-Cotton is non chemically treated. Most anti dust mite “protectors” are chemically treated and the treatment will only lasts for 6-12 months. All Cotton can last for 8-10 years. Size 53cm x 79cm

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash the pillow encasing quarterly in HOT water at 60 degress celsius or cold wash with AllerTech Mite Control Laundry Additive. Half close the zipper during wash. For protection against bed bugs, please wash encasings only in a year’s time.
  • Tumble dry at the LOWEST setting.
  • Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

Standard 53cm x 79 cm


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