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Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent


Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent is a fragrance-free formula to remove allergens from your bed linen, curtains, cushion covers and even soft toys without dyes or enzymes!

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Do you wash your bed linen and upholstery in 60 degree celsius hot water? Dust mites will only be eliminated in a hot water wash. Washing with cold water or warm water at 40 degree celsius is insufficient. It is essential to eliminate or reduce allergens from our bed linen, upholstery and even soft toys to prevent them from being inhaled into our lungs. Though invisible to the naked eye, our bedding contains millions of dust mites depositing their protein fecal matter and secretions onto our bed sheets and pillow cases. Ecology Works laundry detergent is a concentrated hypoallergenic formula which washes your laundry clean without any chemical residues that could cause skin irritation. Available in 1.18L bottle for 40 rounds of 7kg washload. Features: – Neutralizes dust mite allergens, pet dander, mold and mildew in cold, warm or hot water. – Neutralizes odor leaving laundry fresh without the use of fragrances. – Free of dyes, enzymes, d-limonene terpenes, phosphates and nitrates. – 100% biodegradable and plant-based formula. – Hypoallergenic  


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